Glass Lined Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Installation

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From installation to repair, the TMS team has established a worldwide reputation for providing professional installation, maintenance and repair services to our clients.

All of our technicians go through a thorough annual training pogram that includes medical testing and re-certification.

Preventative maintenance inspections:
- Spark Testing of glass lining
- Thickness testing of glass lining
- mixing system, accessories and attachments

Installation of repair parts:
Tantalum plugs, patches, inside sleeve, outside sleeves and combination sleeves

FEP heat shrinkable boots

Replacement or repair of dry running and lubricated non-metallic and Hastelloy seals

Installation of mixing systems and disassembly/re-assembly of existing mixing systems including replacement impellers, reducers, motors and/or mechanical seals

Inspection of used equipment with written evaluation

Installation and/o removal o glass lined equipment

On-site supervision of equipment handling




Our training includes:

Annual Physical, including drug screening, eye exam and hearing test;

Background Checks;

Confined space entry;

First aid training including CPR;

Hazardous communication;

Lockout/tag out and

Respirator training and fit testing program