Experienced, Professional Technicians

TMS technicians are highly skilled in the service, repair and installation of all major glass lined equipment brands and parts.


Preventative Maintenance and Repair

From written inspection reports to repair and preventative maintenance calls, depend on TMS to keep your equipment running efficiently.


Equipment Installation and Removal

Let TMS handle site preparation, removal of existing pieces, and professional installation of new equipment. Training services are also available.

repair, maintenance and installation of glass lined equipment

Taiji Mechanical Services. Preventative Maintenance, Repair, and Installation.

Our Services

From installation to repair, our service team has established a worldwide reputation of providing professional maintenance, installation and repair of all major brans of glass lined process equipment. Our team of service technicians has over 20 years of experience in the field.


Preventative maintenance inspections:
- Spark Testing of glass lining
- Thickness testing of glass lining
- mixing system, accessories and attachments


Installation of repair parts:
Tantalum plugs, patches, inside sleeve, outside sleeves and combination sleeves


FEP heat shrinkable boots


Replacement or repair of dry running and lubricated non-metallic and Hastelloy seals


Installation of mixing systems and disassembly/re-assembly of existing mixing systems including replacement impellers, reducers, motors and/or mechanical seals


Inspection of used equipment with written evaluation


Installation and/o removal of glass lined equipment


On-site supervision of equipment handling


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For service, call (888) 702-0976 or email info@taijimechanical.com

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Replacement Parts and Service

New Replacement Parts
We also offer new replacement parts for Taiji process equipement and all other major equipment brands. Call us for our latest inventory of glass lined equipment agitators, baffles, covers, and protection rings. Most items are available for immediate delivery. View current inventory.

20% Discount
Taiji Mechanical Services offers a 20% discount off purchase price for good core exchange parts.


Taiji Mechanical Services is a Chemial Manufacturing Supply Company, based in Georgia with service availability worldwide.